Long Beach

US Army Corps of Engineers - Long Beach Shoreline Protection: W912DS-16-C-0008

The project consists of the rehabilitation of 20 groins/jetties and the construction of 4 completely new groins in Point Lookout and the City of Long Beach on Long Beach Island.

The work included:
  • The new construction of 4 new groins, approximately 600 lf each, on the beach in Pt. Lookout.
  • The rehabilitation, including partial demolition and reconstruction of three groins on the beach at Pt. Lookout.
  • The rehabilitation, including partial demolition, reconstruction, and extension of the west jetty at Jones Inlet in Pt. Lookout.
  • The rehabilitation, including complete demolition, reconstruction, and enlarging of 15 groins in the City of Long Beach.
  • The coordination of deliveries, via on-highway trucks, of approximately 250,000 of various types of stone (bedding stone through 15 ton armor).

The project was completed almost entirely with H&L’s own forces and equipment. The work was performed within and adjacent to beach areas opened to the public and required extensive cooperation and coordination between H&L’s personnel and various USACE, City, County, and Town officials, as well as the beach-going public.

The work progressed safely and efficiently throughout the summer season on one of the busiest beaches in the United States. Construction areas and haul roads were continually adjusted and maintained in order to minimize the impact to the general public. H&L employed innovative construction techniques to progress the project in a manner that resulted in the project running ahead of schedule almost from the start.

Contract Price: $47,141,550.39