US Army Corps of Engineers – Downtown Montauk Stabilization Project: W912DS-15-C-0007

The project consisted of the installation of Geotextile Sand Containers (GSC’s or sand bags) within the dune system over approximately 3,200 lf at Montauk, Long Island, NY in order to stabilize and reinforce the dune to provide protection from wash-overs during storm events that would impact the nearby village. Upland sourced sand was imported to fill the GSC’s and for beach nourishment. Additionally, pedestrian and vehicular dune crossovers were constructed over the restored dune, beach vegetation was installed, and sand fence erected.

The work included:
  • Excavation of approximately 100,000 cy of the existing dune to allow for GSC installation.
  • Placement and hydraulic filling with sand of approximately 12,000 GSC (sand bags) within the dune profile. This included the importation of approximately 20,000 cy of sand from an upland source for use as material to fill the GSC’s.
  • Restoration of the dune to its pre-construction profile after the installation of the GSC system.
  • Importation and installation of approximately 60,000 cy of sand for beach replenishment/nourishment.
  • Construction of 4 timber pedestrian crossovers and 2 concrete panel vehicular crossovers.
  • Installation of beach plantings and sand fencing. The project was impacted from the start by protesters who objected to the project for various reasons. H&L persevered with the work, often adjusting the work operation to safely work around the protesters and police.

The project was on a tight timeframe from the start; the extremely busy summer season precluded work beyond May. Despite the protesters, the inclusion of additional work and the winter/spring weather conditions on a beach at Montauk, the project was completed on-time.

Contract Price: $13,092,463.00