NYS Dot Bridges

NYSDOT D262659 - Preventative Maintenance Bridge Repair Brookhaven and Islip

The project consisted of the structural lifting (jacking) of 6 bridge structures in order to replace the existing bearings with elastomeric bearings, the removal and replacement of the bridge expansion joint systems, concrete repairs on the bridge decks, structural steel repairs, bridge pier concrete repairs, and paint removal–painting.

The work included:
  • Structural lifting (jacking) at 280 locations
  • Demolition and replacement of existing concrete bearing pedestals
  • Removal and replacement of approximately 1,500 lf of bridge deck joint systems
  • Partial and full depth concrete deck repair
  • Structural Steel repairs (approximately 8,000 lbs.)
  • Paint removal and painting

The project required coordination in order to work in multiple locations simultaneously. The project also required extensive traffic detours and nighttime closures. Various design issues impacted the project; the H&L project team cooperated with NYSDOT personnel in order to work through the design issues and other matters in order to complete the project on time.

Contract Price: $10,930,965.89