NYSDOT D262691 – Fender Replacement at Whitestone Expressway Bridge over Flushing River

This project involved the installation of a new UHMW panel fender system to protect the Whitestone Expressway Bridge over Flushing River. This included removal of an existing 12”x 12” timber fender system and woodpile dolphins that were partially destroyed by local barge traffic. Large concrete platforms were constructed along the western entrance of the channel to protect that entrance.

The work included:

To accomplish this, 36” steel piles were driven 85’ into the river bed and filled with concrete. Then a 24” thick concrete slab was formed and poured using the new piles to support the formwork. The second phase of the project included setting 11-ton precast blocks on the existing bridge foundation as support for the panel fender system. The anchorage for these blocks was stainless steel rebars drilled and grouted 36” into the existing concrete. The precast was then installed over the rebar with limited headroom under the existing bridge. Additional concrete was then cast on top of the precast to complete the structure. This process involved fabricating steel forms and special scaffolding to progress the work in the 7’ tidal zone. The structural steel support elements and fender panels were then mounted to the precast units completing the protection system. Other features of the project included navigational and clearance lighting, plastic lumber walkways, and fendering.

Contract Price: $8,825,737.39