Yellow Bar

Yellow Bar Hassock Restoration

Create a 71 Acre Salt Marsh Habitat in Jamaica Bay.

The work included:

Debris Removal: Work under this section included the removal of all floatable debris that made its way within the project limits of Yellow Bar Hassock during the construction period and maintenance period.

Earthwork/Site Grading: Work under this section consisted of the re-handling and the re-grading of 350,000 CY of dredge material from NY harbor. The sand was spread with our equipment to create the different areas and channels to create a new 70-acre marsh.

Low Marsh/High Marsh Seeding: Work under this section consisted of transporting and installing over 70,000 native high marsh plants and seedlings, creating a wildlife habitat for both native and migratory birds. 28 Acres of Low March was also seeded. 16 Acres of Hummock were relocated as per contract specifications. All seedlings and mature plantings were maintained as per the contract to ensure propagation. During the maintenance period all invasive species were removed and properly disposed of. A 33.5-Acre Waterfowl barrier was also constructed to protect the plantings.

Contract Price: $7,293,547.50